Friday, March 21, 2014

We're Not Young Anymore

The rest of the country seemed to have an awful lot of snow days this year.  Not so in our neck of the woods.  That's fine by me, but Eddy craves snow.  So he was pretty excited about his annual company retreat in Tahoe. The drive in (from our sunny and 70s home town) was spectacular.

3.5.2014 063

When we got there we geared up for some snow fun.

3.5.2014 066

We circumnavigated a very steep hill.

3.5.2014 068

And attempted to sled down it.

3.5.2014 069

I say "attempted" because what actually happened was that we crashed and burned.

3.5.2014 071

Every. Single. Time. In fact, at one point, Eddy went face first into the snow, scratched up his pretty face, and destroyed his shoulder for the next few weeks. We're not young anymore.

3.5.2014 087

We also tried our hand at downhill skiing.

3.5.2014 075

3.5.2014 083

Eddy is clearly more graceful on the snow than yours truly.


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