Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Workshop in Progress

In comparison to our previous houses, I think this house is likely to roll along slowly with little projects completed piecemeal in a variety of rooms instead of having rooms finished all at once.

In that spirit, there are a couple of recent projects that have rendered my new workshop so much more lovely and functional.

First I removed the closet doors so I had an open closet to work with and bought some IKEA furniture to create some shelving.

Then Eddy was kind enough to install a new light fixture in the closet.


Let there be light!


I bought about 1,000 of these carts and sorted all of my fabric and scraps into them by color.


So satisfying.

Here's the closet now!


I also made a standing station. Of course I didn't take any pictures other than this, rather unsexy, shot of me preparing to paint the hairpin legs I bought.



For the sake of comprehensiveness, here's one last shot of my workshop as it looks now.


Did I mention I got a TV?! How else do you expect me to watch Quantum Leap while I quilt?


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