Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The First and Only Finished Room

You guys, we love our new house!

The location can't be beat and the house itself has just what we were looking for.  One one hand, it's tons newer than either of our previous houses and definitely not a fixer-upper, so you would think we would just move our stuff in and relax, but that's not our way.  Obviously.

We started with low hanging fruit--rooms that needed the least amount of work.  One of those rooms was Eddy's new office.  Here's one of the real estate photos.

This is what it looked like when the house was staged.


The walls were already painted, all we needed to do was buy, remake, and build the furniture pieces we needed.  Piece of cake, right?

The first thing we did was build a standing station for Eddy's new desk.


By "we" I mean, of course, that Eddy planned the project and built it himself while I did a ton of unpacking and stuff.


The picture doesn't do it justice, but it has a cork top and is tr‚‚ès masculine.

I did eventually pitch in by reupholstering our favorite pair of old Steelcase chairs.


The new fabric is on the chair to the left.

I also bought Eddy some real school lockers. Like, actual school-grade lockers. He had to assemble them.


So here's Eddy's new office!



Look at those nice lockers.


Welp. We've been in our new house almost two months and Eddy's office is still literally the only room that's finished. Plenty more projects to come!


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