Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Me and Bob Ross

In the past, Eddy and I have made a few paintings for our house because, while we are no artists, it's nice to have something you made together on your walls and because, let's just say it, large scale original artwork can be expensive.

When we lived in California, Eddy made these blue and orange paintings for his office.

Those colors didn't quite work in the new house, but they were big canvases, so I figured I could reuse them. The more I looked at them, the more I thought I might preserve some of Eddy's original work.

So over the course of a few days, I sat in our basement binge watching Bob Ross on Netflix and channelling my ability to make "happy little trees."


There's Bob in the background.


Look! You can almost see his 'fro in that picture!


Here they are all finished and hung in our dining room!



Did I mention we installed a beautiful pink light fixture we got from Kirsten Cronin on Etsy in there?

And the other painting on the opposite wall.



Happy little trees.


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