Friday, July 25, 2014


It may seem nuts to have an entire blog post about our hallway.  I offer three responses.  First, we did major construction in the hallway!  Second, it took me, like, three days to figure out how to make our paintings look nice hung in this hallway.  Finally, this post is more "hallway plus" than "hallway."

So there.

No real estate photos of the hallway, per se, because...  it's a hallway.  We do have this photo, though, which shows that there used to be a view from Eddy's office into the old kitchen.


Since then, we closed up the door from the hallway to the kitchen. For a long time, the hallway looked like this.

11.18.2013 072

Note the emerald green archway color we were playing with that ultimately did not make the cut. After I added a new light fixture to the hallway (it was so dark!) and Eddy got the walls all textured and patched, this is what we ended up with.



A little difficult to photograph, but one of my favorite spaces in the house now.

If you've been following the blog or if you have been to the house, you will also know that Eddy's office and my workshop are also on the hallway. Here's the before of Eddy's office.


Here's what it looks like now.

11.5.2013 082

11.5.2013 080

And here's my workshop.


And the afters.

11.18.2013 078

11.18.2013 075

Hallway plus.


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