Friday, July 18, 2014

The Forgotten Quilt

So, this quilt wasn't actually forgotten.  It's just pretty pricey to have quilts quilted and some other quilts butted in front of it and now, here we are.  I started this quilt almost a year ago when we were living in temporary housing.

10.28.2013 086

10.28.2013 085

11.5.2013 073

Finally, I bundled it up with some others that needed quilting and took it in to my wonderful quilter.

3.5.2014 145

Here is her beautiful work!

3.18.2014 026

It's sort of impossible to capture with a picture since the fabric is so crazy in this quilt, but the quilting is full of little hummingbirds and flowers and other old lady favorites.

3.18.2014 028

Just look at that pretty binding!


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