Friday, November 4, 2011

Japan Silliness

We saw some crazy funny things in Japan.  Things that went well beyond Engrish.  For instance, have you ever seen me wear a pair of glasses this large and attractive before?


This was at the airport/train station, so I am thinking it is meant to appeal to gaijin?


Eddy is certainly an "old dude" although I am not sure I would describe him as "cool."


This was at the sumo stadium.  They had a whole advertising campaign with this sumo wrestling poultry group.


Japanese people love cut outs you can stick your face in for photographs.


Yeah, so also, there was this whole brand of clothing called Edwin--stores everywhere.  Their moto is "Original wear styling at an exceptional value."  We didn't actually find this to be the case as everything there was super expensive.


I am a trash talker.  So is this trash can.


Also, when I was in Japan, I met my new love.  He kind of looks like Eddy, don't you think?


Yeah, so we stayed at a ryokan where they provide yukata for you to wear.  Thank goodness, because Captain Duvet was getting kind of chilly that night.


We also have lots of the good, old fashioned Engrish pictures if that's what you crave.  Just check out our Japan set on Flickr.  That's all for the Japan posts!


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