Tuesday, November 22, 2011

All Hallows Eve

Remember Halloween? We had a really good one this year! First we went to my friend Rachel's house for her Halloween Birthday shindig.


We played this awesome game called Shadows Over Camelot.


Let's just say it is now a thing in our household to say whether or not a real life event should be considered a "despair card." Afterwards, we bundled up and headed to Discovery Green for their Halloween showing of the Addams Family and the Nightmare Before Xmas.


It was cold that night.  Please do not mock me!  On Halloween proper, we spotted this amazing decoration in our neighborhood.


Sadly, it was only up one day. We also had our very first ever Trick-or-Treaters, thanks to our new house! Days after the Halloween excitement fizzled out, we saw this crazy dude in the parking lot of our grocery store.


Just goes to show that weirdos in costumes are welcome all year round.


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