Friday, June 18, 2010


After visiting Toronto, we cruised on over to Philly for my brother's graduation:

6.15.2010 036

It was great fun! Philly is known for its awesome markets, which provided us with sustenance for breakfast and lunch every day and had a lot of other cool stuff besides. I would love to live by one of these markets:

6.15.2010 021
6.15.2010 020

We took in a lot of Philly's sights, including the Liberty Bell and a statue of Rocky outside the Philly art museum (the steps he runs up in the movie are the front of this museum):

6.15.2010 061
6.15.2010 045

Gene and Matt are trying to be funny, but I'm not interested -- it was freaking hot!

We also did a lot of walking around:

6.15.2010 022

and my dad took a crap ton of pictures (surprise, surprise):

6.15.2010 043

So, yeah, what could be more fun than walking around in the heat seeing "sights" while my dad took a million pictures?

6.15.2010 030

No, seriously, we had a great time. The best part, however, was definitely the food. Each night we had at least 11 people at dinner; it was a crazy party! At least, I had a good time:

2010 180

There was even dancing:

6.15.2010 032

So hey, Philly, we salute you! And congrats again to Gene... I mean, finish your thesis!


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