Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Westbrooks!

We've had a chance to tell most of our family and a few friends, but why not broadcast it over our blog?! We got married!!

Wedding Ceremony

So we had always planned on the big family wedding (perhaps in Hawaii) in our little minds. But then we were thinking seriously about moving to Sweden, so we scaled it back to a tiny get together at some Texas courthouse. Then, Eddy remembered we had plans to travel to Toronto this June and asked if I would rather get married at Niagara Falls. Um... Yes!!

6.6.2010 025

We were SOOOOO lucky to be able to coerce Emily Dewan--wedding photographer extraordinaire-- and Neal Groothuis--recently ordained minister in the fakey Universal Life Church--to fly out and meet us.

We enjoyed an Indian Mega Buffet.

6.6.2010 016

We had an impromptu wedding shoot in a parking garage.

Wedding Ceremony

Then we boarded the Maiden of the Mist where we took our vows!

6.6.2010 031

Wedding Ceremony

Afterward, we had just enough time to hit up the Hard Rock Cafe where Neal treated us to a vodka shot before we sprinted to the airport to (BARELY) put Emily and Neal on the last flight back to NYC. Later that weekend, Eddy and I convened over a bottle of champagne to record our favorite memories from the day so that we could share them with everyone we love.

Now we are working with our families to plan a ring exchange ceremony and reception in St. Louis, Missouri this fall. Check out our new website to get the latest information.


  1. Congratulations you crazy kids!! :) What a remarkably cool way to do it. xoxo

  2. I LOVE it!!! What a perfect way to celebrate and begin a wonderful life together...filled with tons of laughs I'm sure. :)

    Namaste y'all!

  3. Thanks, Mindy! We miss you and now we miss Jenna! Tell her that we wish her luck.