Friday, July 2, 2010

It Was Actually Sweatier than Texas

Eddy and I recently traveled to Washington, D.C. for a conference and the D.C. heat definitely beat us into submission. This is basically what we looked and felt like the whole time:

7.1.2010 045

7.1.2010 055

But we did manage to see some wonderful sites.

7.1.2010 032

One day, we rented a tandem bike. At least you get a bit of a breeze when you are riding.

7.1.2010 159

7.1.2010 179

We also visited the zoo--no surprise there. The most amazing thing at the zoo--second only to the octopus feeding we were not able to catch on film--was the outdoor ropes course they had for the orangutans. No cage separated zoo goers from the orangutans and the overhead ropes course allowed them to travel between their two exhibit spaces and decide where they would like to spend time.

7.1.2010 108

The third best thing at the zoo was that they provided misting to cool visitors.

7.1.2010 099

And the fourth best thing was this slipper lobster.

7.1.2010 122

Alright, I will stop harassing you with our zoo exploits. We were sure glad to get back to Texas where we could cool down a bit!

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