Thursday, July 22, 2010

Edinburgh -- Once More

So, apparently there are a lot of programming languages related conferences in Edinburgh. I have been there once, twice... and I just came back from my third time there in the past year. You can be sure the kitties didn't want me to go:

7.20.2010 018

This time, however, I only gave myself two actual non-travel days, to go to the LFMTP and LfSA workshops at the big FLoC mega-conference. This didn't give me much time for fun. In fact, mostly I stayed in my room working on a paper:

7.20.2010 007

although I looked longingly out the window:

7.20.2010 009

But it was not all boring. I did get some awesome, spicy Indian food in my room:

7.20.2010 015

and, as a treat, I passed by a place on my walk to the conference that sold gooseberries!

7.20.2010 016

I had never had gooseberries before, so I got some, and they were delicious! Kind of like grapes, but different.

And, of course, no trip to Scotland is complete without a dinner with beer; the food was from the dorm cafeteria (they put us up in dorms at the University of Edinburgh), but the beer made it all better:

7.20.2010 017


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