Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dave Used to be a Thespian

We have a lot in common with our friends Dave and Dana. You might remember them from our rodeo adventure. They're cute on the outside and nerdy on the inside. Like some kind of nerd M&M. So they recently convinced us to play Dungeons and Dragons with them.

Dave was the dungeon master and it turns out, he also used to be a thespian. Here he is planning our destinies:

5.18.2010 008

We got together and made our characters:

5.18.2010 007

Here are all three of the white cats:

5.18.2010 005

Then we played! We had an epic battle characterized by sound effects courtesy of our thespian dungeon master and rolling mostly <5.

5.18.2010 010

5.18.2010 009

I was the only one who had never played before. Not knowing what to expect, I created an avatar for my character Viola La Rue (it's a family name). Viola is a hermaphroditic dragonborn cleric.


Thankfully Dave and Dana had a sufficiently gender ambiguous action figure for me to play with. They're so accepting!


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