Sunday, March 14, 2010


This is our friends Dave and Dana at the Houston rodeo this year:


We went with them and we took a lot of amazing photos to share on our blog. Then Eddy's pocket deleted all of the photos off of the camera before we got home. Rather than Photoshop-ing our faces over all of their pictures...

DP3 copy

...I thought I would just tell you about what we did and post a few pictures of them looking super cute.

So the first and most important thing we did that day was eat rodeo food. Here are the boys enjoying some giant turkey legs:


And here's Dana holding our just-deep-fried OREOs. Delicious!!


And just to prove that I was actually there too, here is a photo in which I turn my butt towards the camera to pet a calf.


We also saw lots of livestock and some ropin' and ridin'. Some of the highlights were the baby sheep, piglets and calves (accompanied by a graphic video about how to birth farm animals). There were also bees behind glass. Thankfully, we got to see my favorite event from last year--the chuckwagon race! And there was a carinval. Heck, yes!


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