Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Vindaloo Challenge


We frequent a British style pub here called the Red Lion. In addition to delicious pub fare, they also offer several Indian dishes. Among these is the beef vindaloo. Our friend, Alan, ordered the Red Lion vindaloo and proclaimed it too hot to handle. This led to much trash talking between Eddy and Alan about whether or not it would be unbearably hot for Eddy--a spicy food lover.

On Friday, March 12th, the opponents met on the field of battle. In the end, Eddy was able to defeat an entire bowl full of vindaloo--though I think he regretted it just a little later on that night.


  1. I did not regret it, not one bit!

  2. The way you consumed that vindaloo, Eddy was truly frightening! --Alan

  3. You look pretty frightened in the photo, Alan!