Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tandem Day

Day two, we were totally crazy on our tandem bike. We went for a ride first thing in the morning.



Later that afternoon, we attended the wedding of one of Eddy's work friends. We decided to ride our tandem bike over there. It seems we were quite the spectacle in our dress clothes on our sweet old tandem.

Angela and Bo's Wedding

Angela and Bo's Wedding

Angela and Bo's Wedding

That evening, we went to the reception at Fung's Kitchen. It was an intense 10 course Chinese dinner. The wedding ceremony and most of the reception were in Mandarin, so we were pretty lost through most of the festivities. In fact, we made a bit of a faux pas. When we sat down, there was a bottle of champagne on our table. After what we thought was the toast, we broke out our bottle. With 10 people at the table, it didn't last long. Turns out, we were supposed to wait until after the meal when the bride and groom and family come around to all of the tables to be toasted by each guest. Oops. At the last minute, we found some Sprite, filled our glasses and toasted them! At the end of the meal, they served this awesome mango pudding molded into the shape of a fish.

Angela and Bo's Wedding

One more installment of our four-day extravaganza coming up!

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  1. Special thanks to Cherif and Jun for taking such awesome bike pictures of us!