Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Lil Shiloh

Our friends Dave and Dana recently welcomed their daughter, Shiloh, to the world.  I obviously had to make a quilt and Dana requested grays, corals, and whites and then set me loose.

These are the fabrics I selected and, let's just say it, they are freaking adorable.

Do you even see those little kids with animals and also those bobby pins?  Please.

So for the quilt front itself, I actually took some inspiration from Bob Ross.  What? Bob Ross again?  That's right.  The man has profoundly impacted my art.  He went through a phase where he made tons of pictures where he added a border, but some of the elements of the picture extend outside the border.

So that's what I did too.



The quilting is all tone on tone, so it's incredibly difficult to photograph.




The pink and purple lines are erasable fabric pen that do not show in the final quilt. It's partially erased in the final picture above.  The background says "She will move mountains," and has several arrows quilted in the negative space.

I wanted to make the back special too, so I decided to do a little applique.



Here you can see a little of the quilting on the reverse.


Look at that stinking cute binding fabric.


Just burying some threads.


Rupert helped. Or glared. Or whatever.


Here's the finished quilt!

Oh yeah, with a cute baby on top. Isn't she a cutie!  Just look at that little face!

Thanks to Dave and Dana for letting us visit and stare at her and for feeding us burgers while we did so.


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