Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Old School Dog Pillow

One of my favorite things about moving or redecorating is making tons of quilted pillows.  It's the perfect excuse to make lots of small projects that only take a day or two to make.  Sometimes it's much more fun than slaving away for weeks on a larger project.  Immediate gratification!

I've been eyeing this pillow pattern for some time.

It's a free pattern by Denyse Schmidt and it's super simple (except that I'm terrible at gussets and am not totally happy with my finished product.)

Here are all my cute fabric squares.


I made one side pink and one side green.


Here's the finished pink side.

And the green side.

Even though I wasn't 100% pleased, he was still cute. He lives on our mantel now, which I'll show off once I finish our mantel quilt (which may be never since it's a super ambitious project!) So soon. Soonish.


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