Friday, March 11, 2016

Super Bowl Snowventures

Eddy's employer hosts an annual ski retreat in Tahoe and for some reason we can't remember anymore, we didn't make it last year.  This year, though, with Super Bowl 50 happening just a few miles from our house we thought it might be a good time to get the heck out of Dodge and enjoy some fun and sun in the snow.

The drive was predictably breathtaking.


The first order of business when we hit Tahoe was for Eddy to do some downhill skiing at North Star.



We learned last time that I have no aptitude for downhill skiing. What I do apparently have an aptitude for is reading the first volume of the Divergent Series while Eddy skis and becoming super obsessed with it so that on the day that we drove back we spent the entire day reading the whole first volume together and now we're both pretty into it. But I digress.

Day 2 we took a spectacular drive around Lake Tahoe to the Nevada side.


That's where we did our first ever snow shoeing!



Turns out, snow shoeing is my favorite winter activity! You get to get out in the sun and snow and there is very little risk of seriously injuring oneself. Also, when you get tired from hiking at 8,000 feet elevation, you just lay down in the soft, fluffy snow.


Bonus points for pretending that you're making a snow angel.


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