Friday, March 25, 2016

The Two Month Afternoon Project

So we did some work on the front yard landscaping. But then there was the little matter of the hose.  I saw this project on Pinterest that was all "just takes an afternoon" or whatever and I figured we could tack that onto our yard project.

But then we spent all weekend working on the yard and the hose holder just didn't get done.

Then one sunny afternoon, I decided to get started, but low and behold, our jigsaw was cutting all sideways.


After a few tries, I got some cuts I could use.


And I painted it white.


Aaaaaaannnnnddddd I added that bunny. I spray painted the hose holder white and installed it.


Here's the final product.


The pictures aren't great since I finished it just before the rain came, but I am glad that after two months I finally finished this easy afternoon project.


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