Saturday, January 3, 2015

2014 Quilt Catch Up

New Years resolution: blog more!  I thought I would kick things off with a catch up of what I've been quilting since October (the last time we made a blog post...  oops.) Here are just a few of my favorite more recent projects from 2014.

Perhaps one of my favorite projects this year was the pillows I made for our couch! I made a small bunny pillow and used lots of fancy stitches to quilt the pillow top.



My favorite pillow I made (and one of my favorite little quilts I've ever made) was our house pillow. It all started with me designing my very first ever paper piecing pattern.


Here's the finished top.  Ten points if you can figure out how the picture above corresponds to the finished top...


And a view of the quilting (one of my first attempts ever!)


Here's a peek at the backs (complete with label)


Here are the two together in their new home!


Eddy and I also collaborated on a quilt for Eddy's half brother Ian's wedding with his new wife Allison. Eddy picked out all of the fabrics and I also made him bury all the threads (because I am so nice!)


Here's the layout (un-sewn and un-quilted...)


and a shot of the binding!


Here's the finished top.


I even made a fancy back!


It says "Ian heart Allison" or "Allison heart Ian" depending on which way you read it.


The last quilt project I'll share was actually started years ago! Like, on Road Trip 2013, when Eddy and I gathered fabrics from practically every quilt shop we passed. I also did the piecing way back in 2013, but just now took a stab at quilting a large (queen sized!) quilt myself. Here's a close up of the front with quilting and some of the back (the gold and white) showing.


This was my last project of 2014, finished December 27!


And here it is all cozied up to another quilt in its new home.


Looks like there's room for some 2015 quilts in that cabinet!


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