Friday, January 16, 2015

8 Is A Lot of Legs, David

This year for my brother's birthday, I practically couldn't help but make him a Mario Bros. one up pillow.  You might remember I made him a Mario quilt last year for Christmas.

It all started with my own pattern (which I totally pieced together from several quilts I saw on Pinterest).


At first, this seemed like a quilt that would take, oh, about 10 minutes. But anyway you slice it 400 blocks measuring 1 1/2" square is a lot of blocks. All I could think about was that scene from Love Actually where Natalie's mom observes, "Eight is a lot of legs, David."

Maybe you had to be there?

Then I used this weird method for piecing wee little pieces of fabric that I love/hate. Great for accuracy, but so. much. pressing.


Finally I pieced all of my pieces together...


added some super cute backing and, of course, one of my 2015 quilt labels (hot off the presses)...


and wrapped it all up to give to him on our Disney trip!


Remember, kids. 400 is a lot of blocks, Evan.


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