Friday, August 8, 2014

Homeostasis--Flashback Episode

Once you leave the hallway, you enter the library.  I wish I could say we use this room ALL THE TIME AND IT'S AMAZING!  The fact of the matter is that it is low on the priority list of projects right now and it's currently just an empty room where the dog sleeps.


It does have these sweet bookshelves that I made and this nice bunny mural.


10.28.2013 200

We've got big plans for this room, so stay tuned.

The other rooms that remain are the laundry room (the first room we actually worked on in the house!) If you follow the blog, this room is not news to you! Before:



11.5.2013 069

And, of course, the master bedroom (also previously seen on the blog!) Before:



o3.5.2014 003

N3.5.2014 008

This post is like the blog version of those sneaky TV show flashback episodes where they just show you stuff you already saw. I wanted to show these rooms for the sake of completeness, but I could have at least included an intro pretending that it's new content or a fancy fade out...  Geez.


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