Friday, February 15, 2013

2 Weeks

Has anyone ever seen the movie The Money Pit?  If you have ever even considered any home project ever you must watch this movie.  One of the recurring jokes is that every contractor tells them the project will be done in two weeks.  Who would believe that?!  TSFB, that's who.  We started our kitchen reno in October and we are just now *almost* finished.

You probably don't even believe me, I've been moaning about it for so long.  I basically don't believe it myself. I just keep waiting for the whole kitchen to collapse in on itself and cease to exist.

See, this used to be our kitchen.

5.31.2011 032

5.31.2011 033

Keep in mind, when I took these pictures I was trying to get *exactly* the right angle to make it appear as spacious as was humanly possible. But to be honest, it was a little too cozy. It was also kind of an unfortunate blue gray. Now that's just paint, but we were locked into some blue color because of this (hideous?) backsplash tile.

5.8.2011 022

Not really our taste and so, so navy blue.  With black counter tops, people!  Also, we had this large, awkward corner of our living room that was just not doing much for us.

10.11.2012 032

So we basically ripped out half of our kitchen and started over. Painful? Yes. Lots of meals out? Yes. Finally over? Well, yes, actually!

Here's what it looks like now.


The view from the living room is a bit less awkward.




Yeah, that's some TSFB engraved wood.


Here's the half of the kitchen we didn't change (except for the tile and paint).


Looks pretty much the same. Just less navy and you can actually get more than 2 feet away from it to take a picture. Soooo, the one little tiny detail we are still working on is the door problem.


Did you spot it? Yeah. Recently, it changed to this


So close and yet so far. It will probably take me about 2 weeks to paint these doors.


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