Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Little Pantry that Could

Yeah, so, we. are. still. working. on. our. kitchen. Eddy has pretty much taken over as contractor hiring dudes to come in and finish it (and the bathroom). So close and yet so far! But there is one space that has finally come together: the pantry.

We used to have this *tiny* pantry. When we first moved in we were amazed that it was wide enough to barely fit a (drumroll...) microwave!

8.2.2011 058

In fact, we specifically bought a kind of small microwave just for this wee pantry.  You can tell from this picture that it also contained janky homemade shelves, was crammed full of stuffs, and was rather cave-like. As part of the kitchen remodel, we had a larger pantry built.

10.23.2012 032

But since this whole kitchen job went south, we pretty much stuck a plastic shelving unit in there and piled it up with the ole microwave. Yuck.

That is, until the fateful weekend we finally wired a light in there and painted it to match the rest of the (new!) kitchen color


We also visited the Container Store not once but thrice. (Well, actually five times by the time we got everything just like we (I?) wanted it in there. But we definitely went to the Container Store three times in one day. We even had to take a cocktail break in the middle there.) The result?


Look! It actually fits the microwave, a wine fridge, an espresso machine *and* lots of other stuff! Most importantly it looks pretty!


Most, most importantly it is finished. Complete.  Finito.  Over.  (Unlike the rest of the kitchen... Sigh.)


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