Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy Tails To You

So, Harry Potter has happy tail. It's a common problem among pit bull breeds. Basically he wags his tail so emphatically without regard to what it might be smacking into that the tip of his tail bleeds. (Pretty charming, I know. Did I mention Harry Potter is looking for a home...) To treat the happy tail he has to wear a cone.


Sometimes he makes this face about it:


But more often than not he just runs through the house at top speed until that poor plastic cone shatters into a million pieces which I spend hours reassembling with packing tape. Also, we tried lining his crate with cardboard since he wags his tail real happy-like inside his crate when we come home.


Said cardboard lasted approximately two days. Finally, we hit on the idea of taping a sock over his tail.


We are happy to report that after a few days of Harry Potter Cotton Tail he is good as new! I am a dog genius.

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