Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Old Lady Westbrook

You may ask yourself, "But what did you do to celebrate your 30th birthday, Nicci?!"  Well, first off, I ate some things.

11.1.2012 012

Then Eddy took me to the aquarium!

11.1.2012 014

They have penguins there.

11.1.2012 015

Wooden ones and real ones! We stared at some stuff,

11.1.2012 017

sat inside some stuff,

11.1.2012 044

11.1.2012 052

and we did other completely normal aquarium stuff.

11.1.2012 051

After that we had a lovely birthday dinner courtesy of Dan and Janelle.

11.1.2012 054

11.1.2012 055

And then I basically fell asleep because my 30-year-old self likes an early bedtime. That's pretty much it. Oh yeah. Also, I held my fingers in a 3-0 position all day, but you may or may not be interested in that type of information.


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