Friday, November 30, 2012

Oh Hello, Sea Lions!

Recently I had a birthday.  Kind of a big one.  The big 3-0.  As such, we splurged and went to Monterey!  (And by splurged, I mean of course that Eddy came with me to a conference that happened to be held in Monterey over my birthday.) We did get a pretty schmancy hotel room.

10.23.2012 096

Unfortunately this beast stared at me every time we entered the room.

10.23.2012 097

Creepy. The nice thing about Monterey, though, is that they do have real versions of those guys.

11.1.2012 001

Like lots of them.

11.1.2012 005

But I mean really a lot.

11.1.2012 006


11.1.2012 007


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