Tuesday, November 20, 2012

BFFs At Last

When we first got Rupert, he was a pain.  I mean really.  He literally cried all night.  We had this really loud fan we would turn on right by the bed in a vain attempt to drown out a portion of his meows.

10.19.2010 020

Enter Ada.  We thought she would "keep him company."  I had this dream of them curling up together like internet kittehz.

Boy were we wrong.  He stopped meowing at night (thankfully) but he pretty much replaced that with constant hissing at Ada.  As long as they hissed at each other during the daytime hours only we were happy.

5.11.2010 001

Enter Norman.  Norman loves Ada.  Loves to nom her, that is.  Rupert, on the other hand, is back to his old hissing routine and he totally intimidates Norman.  Norman won't even enter a room if Rupert hisses at him.


Enter kitchen demolition.

10.11.2012 021

 Finally my dream is realized.


Let's just say that it didn't take nearly so long to get the boys to get along with each other.


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