Friday, December 14, 2012

Mr. Toad's Wild Birthday

So as if Monterey (and James Dean and Star Trek) were not enough, we also did Disneyland for my birthday! (Because that's what all mature 30-year-olds do on their special day.)

11.1.2012 076

11.1.2012 079

And by "we" I mean also that DP^2 came down to visit!

11.1.2012 086

The Happiest Place on Earth was all Halloweened out.

11.1.2012 075

Not that it matters when all you do is run around all day riding as many crazy rides as possible.

11.1.2012 087

Wanna know who doesn't like rides? Dave!*

11.1.2012 084

Instead, Dave likes demonstrations. I am a wee bit sad we did Disneyland instead of Disney World for my 3-0, but the silver lining is that I got to spend lots of time with Mr. Toad!

11.1.2012 082

11.1.2012 089

* Just kidding. Dave totally likes rides!  But also he likes demonstrations.  Seriously.

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