Tuesday, June 5, 2012

When Librarians Play Jokes

So Eddy is kind and sweet and thoughtful enough to read to me each night before we go to sleep.  I know.  He's the greatest.  Usually I even get to choose the books that we read.  In the absence of dystopian YA literature (my favorite!) I have this habit of foraging through the Juvenile literature section of the library I work at for oddities.  One night I brought this home.

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Now Eddy and I will pretty much read anything. When we first started dating we read 832 pages of pure terrible awfulness and that set the tone for what we were willing trudge through.

That said, Eddy seriously hates the Green Fairy Book. He has even quit catching me up on what I missed when I fell asleep the night before. I mean he is blazing through this book as fast as he possibly can. To be fair, it's basically the same [uninteresting, un-cohesive, un-politically correct] "fable" over and over and over and over.

Imagine his surprise when I told him the other night I was bringing home a surprise... Behold!

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The Yellow Fairy Book
The Red Fairy Book
The Pink Fairy Book
The Lilac Fairy Book
The Orange Fairy Book
The Olive Fairy Book
The Crimson Fairy Book
The Brown Fairy Book
The Violet Fairy Book
The Blue Fairy Book



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