Wednesday, July 6, 2016

We Came for the Submarine and Stayed for the OMSI

One of the first things we noticed about Portland was all the bridges.  Probably the second thing we noticed was that from one of those bridges you can see a submarine!  Turns out, it's a submarine you can tour at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI). We totally had to do the tour.

Before you go aboard, they actually make everyone step through this little hole, so you know you're in for fun.


It was basically the most fun we've ever had and now all I want to do is tour so many more submarines. Any Westbrooks want to take a trip to Cleveland?!


We went for the Submarine tour, but turns out the OMSI is no slouch either.



Eddy especially liked the name of this restaurant in the museum.


Also, he forced me to collaborate with him to assemble this wooden puzzle.


The man loves puzzles.

Nothing works up a thirst like a day full of Science, so we ended up here at Chapel Pub (or beer church, as I like to call it.) This joint is totally homey. Rumor has it they have delicious tots. Also, it's in our new neighborhood, so we might as well just have all of our mail forwarded here.



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