Wednesday, July 13, 2016

15 Wishes

When the road trip was over, we swung back through San Jose to pick up some stuff we packed specially for temporary housing and, of course, to pick up Molly and Rupert.

Also we had this 15¢ that we needed to "spend".


We found a dime and a nickel on our road trip and we hoarded them because we wanted to try to gamble them on the slots in NV. However, we were thwarted since all slots are electronic now and you can't just play coins in any machine you darned well please. Sad face.

But I had a plan. A plan for if we could find the time on our last day in CA to make it to the San Jose Rose Garden, where we loved to hang out and volunteer when we lived in the neighborhood.

We stood at the little fountain in the rose garden as dusk fell and we made 15 wishes (one per penny, that is) for our future together in Portland. Then we tossed our coins into the fountain!


Apparently, this is what I look like just after I throw something.


My coin made it into the second tier of the fountain!



We also, you know, looked at all the pretty roses.



Here's to a brand new future in a brand new city!  Look out, Portland, here we come!


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