Friday, February 27, 2015

That Time I Cried (As an Adult) At Disney World

So I've always been wary of costumed characters at amusement parks.  They are just real scary.  Usually I avoid them, but this trip we had "schmancy Disney takes your picture everywhere you go package" and so everyone (understandably) wanted to hit up some characters for pictures.

Buzz Lightyear was our first adventure with character photos.



He interacted with everyone (even me despite the fact I tried to hide behind Eddy!)


He made me shake his spongey hand and I freaked out. After this I implemented a "no characters touch or talk to Nicci" rule for the remainder of the trip. Actually, the Beast thought it was real funny and he laughed and laughed at me. Laughing is fine. Laughing from a distance is just fine.


Mom seriously loved the beast, though. Like, really. So much.


I was hoping this would be the end of our character escapades, but when I spotted these two I ACTUALLY REQUESTED WE WAIT IN LINE TO GET OUR PICTURES TAKEN.


They're my favorites. Why? Because Russell looks like my brother. Just look at them!


Look, there's mom hugging Evan Russell!


Also, I love this picture of mom hugging Dug!


It's basically my favorite picture from the trip.

I even consented to pet Dug's (non-spongey) nose.


Ah, Dug and Russell. They (maybe?!) cured my fear of costumed characters!


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  1. Hello! Are you and Edwin wearing matching outfits?