Friday, October 17, 2014

Nibbles for Cocopuff

Recently Eddy's cousin Beth and her husband Eli were in the Bay Area.  We forced them to hang out with us because they're fun.

To commemorate the occasion, I baked up some dog treats for their sweet pittie Coco (AKA Cocopuff!)

I baked two flavors: cheddar beef and peanut butter pumpkin.


Okay, so truth be told the treats were actually for Norman and Molly. I mean, there were 150 in all.  That's a freaking lot of dog treats.


Beth and Eli just happened to plan their visit with impeccable timing. But just so you don't think they got short changed, I made this adorable gift bag for their treats.


Just look how much fun it is to come visit us. Everyone should do it.


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