Friday, October 10, 2014

Crows Don't Like Car Rides

Before we got sweet little adorable puppy Norman,


Eddy had what he called the "Two Pets Per Person Rule." Then of course Norman came along. Then Harry Potter came along.

While I had advocated for the abolition of the Two Pets Per Person Law, four pets were admittedly too many. Once HP found a home, we were back to three. When we lost Ada, we decided we might be ready for a third pet again so along came Molly. As fate would have it, we were destined for a fourth pet. At least for a little while.

The exact day we brought Molly home for the first time, an injured American Crow was downed in our yard.


Thankfully we got to him before the dogs did and were able to safely capture him and keep him fed and watered until we could get him to a rescue organization. We took our friend to the folks at the Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley and they took great care of him. What we learned from this experience is that crows *definitely* do not like car rides.



For the record, I also sort of don't like giving crows car rides.


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