Friday, March 8, 2013

Cat Bellay

Sometimes, Rupert gets a little bit fussy.

9.28.2010 030

Like, if you are not petting, or feeding, or cuddling, or talking to, or acknowledging him quite as much as he thinks he should be petted, fed, talked to, or acknowledged he walks around the house making a really loud meow. Sometimes it gets on my nerves. Sometimes it drives me to extremes. Sometimes in order to make him stop I stuff him into my clothes and then go about my business.


When I do so, he purrrrrs. And I can spend the next hour or so assembling light fixtures and cleaning the kitchen without dealing with his big stupid mouth.


Is it sad that I am thinking about buying one of those baby slings in an effort to get my cat to shut up? Yes. It is.


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