Friday, August 31, 2012

We're Nuts

Plain and simple.  We are nuts.  Gluttons for punishment.  We are redoing our second bathroom.  Probably none of you have ever even seen it. Up until now, my decoration strategy for that room has been to pretend like it does not exist. This is probably the nicest it has ever looked, when the house was professionally staged before we bought it.

TSFB Dream House

Strip away all of those fuzzy toilet seat covers and all you've got is orange floor tile, white wall tiles with blue accents, a horrifyingly small cave of a shower complete with 1970's glass door and fake wood tile, and a rickety homemade cabinet constructed with plywood.

Here's our plan.


In about 76 years when we've finished all of this work we will have you have you over and you can marvel at how nice it is. No really. Get excited for some pictures soon to come of "Nicci Westbrook: Demolition Expert in Training."


  1. Like the pedestal sink idea! I think it'll open it up! What about the wee lil fur balls?

  2. This looks like a lot of fun! I'm glad you built in the (f)art, that will really save time later.

    As for the rain shower, I don't really like those things. Since the water comes down from directly overhead, if you aren't washing your hair then you have to constantly switch from in the shower (warm) to not in the shower (cold). Something to think about.