Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bike (Half Way) Around the Bay

Just after Japan, we rode in another 150 mile bike ride--Bike Around the Bay.  Well, sort of.  You see, the first day was glorious.  We got there early and lined up with our bike.

10.11.2011 006

Then Dave and Dana joined us! Here's a picture of their butts.

10.11.2011 009

Dave is the shark butt.  Dana is #147.  The route was breathtaking. It took us right by the ocean. Well, it was the Gulf. But it had waves like the ocean and it smelled all ocean-y and there were palm trees. But it was brown like the Gulf. Harumph! When we got close to Galveston, we got to take a ferry ride over to the island.

10.11.2011 016

There were tons of dolphins out that day jumping and following along with the boat. It was amazing! When we got to the hotel, there was a swim up bar.

10.11.2011 027

That night we dined with DP^2.

10.11.2011 033

Ah, day 1. The next day was a different story. I woke up super sick, tropical storms rolled in and long story short, we didn't ride the entire route home. Instead, we rode across the causeway in the morning--they close down two lanes to let all of the bikers across. Then we wussed out. We weathered part of the thunder storms at the lunch site where we helped out the volunteers a bit.

10.11.2011 036

Then we went home, camped out on our couch and watched the first real Houston rain in about a million months roll in. Were we proud of ourselves? No, not particularly. Were we cozy and dry. Well, yeah, actually we were.


  1. can I just say... pool pic = AWESOME! Can you please arrange to always have those tan lines? Forever and ever?

  2. I'm eating onion rings and a burger reading this. The first part made me feel really lazy, the second reminded me of everyone's humanity. =)

    Glad you guys are keeping at it! Sickness and rain will come and go, it's the trying that matters.