Tuesday, August 23, 2011

When Texas Gives You a Drought, You Go to Cactus King

If you have had your eye on the TX weather of late, you would know that there is a serious drought. In addition to the 30 days and counting of over 100 degree heat, we also have been suffering record lows in rainfall. The basil and mint on our front porch had just about enough of that and were starting to look pretty scraggly. So, we decided to replace them with an assortment of succulents. Now, when I decide I want some succulents, I want some succulents. Like, a lot of them. So we knew that no ordinary garden center would cut it.

Enter Cactus King. Not only do they have an aaaaahhhmazing assortment of succulents and cacti, the place is basically and attraction in its own right.




We did have the poor judgment to visit the store in the middle of the day on yet another scorcher, but in the end, we got our new succulents!

8.22.2011 005


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