Monday, July 11, 2011

Patriotism A Week or Two Later

Over the July 4th weekend, we attended our neighborhood Independence Day parade. It was a feast for the eyes. We'll do our best to describe them here. For starters, there's this guy:

7.5.2011 033

I mean... Check out this shirt off, giant styrofoam dog head, bicycle riding guy. Yeah. Also, did you know that Houston is the (self-proclaimed?) Art Car capital of the world? There were art cars.

7.5.2011 029

Check out this cat-illac.

7.5.2011 027

The slogan of this car was "Make out, not war." Oh yeah.

7.5.2011 024

Also, there was this tiny clown.

7.5.2011 018

Now, this guy rides through the neighborhood occasionally when it's not parade time. Check out that super-tall ride.

7.5.2011 014

The highlight, though, was this crew of breakdancers at the very end of the parade.

Kinda makes you feel patriotic, doesn't it?


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