Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Happy Weekend!

After all that wedding planning, we started to forget what it was like to have a real weekend together with no stress. So, finally, after Thanksgiving and an out-of-town meeting, we finally got a chance to remember what is was like to have a fun weekend together.

We started off Saturday with a fun visit to the Houston Dairymaids, a funny little warehouse in the Heights that distributes local cheeses from all over Texas. (But we forgot to take pictures, doh!) Next, we visited a fun grocery store / farmer's market just up the street:

12.5.2010 009

They had the most gorgeous produce, and they even had fresh beans:

12.5.2010 011

12.5.2010 010

Today, we took a 15 mile bike ride to train for the MS 150, a 150-mile bicycle race from Houston to Austin. Here we are at the halfway point:

12.5.2010 014

12.5.2010 015

Then, finally, we got a chance to do some Christmas decorating. Look at me precariously perched while pushing push-pins:

12.5.2010 020


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