Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gourmet the Tray

Remember these?


Well, we've got a set. We had our good pals Rebecca and Alan over for dinner the other night and we decided to revamp some lunch tray favorites and serve them up. By we, I mean Eddy.

12.19.2010 002

Normally I help cook when we entertain, but the menu happened to be chock full with Eddy specialties. So I played hostess.

12.19.2010 003

Oh, wait. I guess Eddy did that too. In the end our excitement/hunger made us forget to take any pictures of the finished trays, but here's the plan.


I assure you, the mac n' cheese tasted way better than this looks.

12.19.2010 004

Mmm... Macamaroni and cheese...


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