Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Small Big Birthday

We planned a small birthday for Eddy this year since we are both working hard to finish up with work and school responsibilities before we head off to the wedding this weekend. So we had our quiet breakfast at home. I made Eddy some French toast and he made himself a coffee beverage.

11.9.2010 002

and I gave him his small present--we're planning an fancy dinner out when we get back from St. Louis.

11.9.2010 004

We planned a small dinner out that night and a drink at the Ginger Man to round out the day. But when we spotted a tandem bike for sale, the small quiet birthday got bigger. We headed out after work to take a look at the bike and we fell in love. We packed it into the car and hauled it home just in time to head back out to dinner just before they closed! Whew!

11.9.2010 010

11.9.2010 007

When we get back from St. Louis, we'll say goodbye to our much loved vintage Columbia tandem.

Angela and Bo's Wedding

But with the new bike, we are planning to take on the Houston --> Austin MS 150 with DP2 this spring!


  1. DP^2 is very excited about this!

  2. You know, Eddy, there's a fork right there. Literally right next to your hand. No need to eat with your fingers, bud.