Sunday, November 28, 2010

Let Ye Olde Merriment Begin

This Thanksgiving weekend, we made merriment at the Texas Renaissance Festival with DP2.

11.27.2010 048

Yes, the nerds in costume were out in force. Let's just say this sign did not apply:

11.27.2010 059

Sadly, most of the costumes we saw were not Renaissance per se. We saw these guys, for instance:

11.27.2010 061

And there were lots of these guys.

11.27.2010 006

The good news was that we got to do (and throw) lots of Renaissance-y things.

11.27.2010 013

11.27.2010 038

11.27.2010 042

We even took in some real live (fake) jousting.

We were ye olde wiped out when we got home!


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