Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Real Texas

4.20.2010 177

Eddy and I recently traveled to San Antonio--the REAL Texas! We currently live in Houston--land of the strip malls--so we were delighted to hear people speak with a drawl, see loads of cowboy boots and pass trucks that look like they're actually used for hauling things.

We loved the river walk area for walking around. Here's an hilarious postcard of the river walk:

Texas Postcard002

Actually, the river is more filled with ducks and ducklings than cattle.

4.20.2010 199

We had a little trouble finding decent Mexican food (appalling!), so we gorged at Schilo's German Delicatessen

4.20.2010 157

and Green Vegetarian Cuisine.

4.20.2010 169

We of course remembered the Alamo:

4.20.2010 173

4.20.2010 174

We also went to Fiesta. In Houston, "Fiesta" is Spanish for "grocery store." In San Antonio, Fiesta is a city-wide event with parades, pageants, competitions, live music and lots of drinking in the streets.

Here I am pretending to pose so that we could get a picture of this hilarious hat:

4.20.2010 164

and here's some Fiesta fare--fruit that they cover in cayenne pepper and salt before serving.

4.20.2010 163

Here's a link to the rest of our San Antonio pictures.


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