Friday, June 3, 2016

Road Trip: Cave Kayaking, The Dry Version

We took a whole day to kayak Channel Islands NP on our road trip!  We brought along one of those disposable waterproof cameras because they take such weird, old schooly pictures I just can't resist them.  They aren't developed yet because old schooly, so here are all the pictures we took on dry land.


Well, boats counts as dry land sometimes, I suppose. We took a boat over to the islands.


Here we are gearing up for our adventure in super flattering kayak outfits.



We also explored some historical buildings on Santa Cruz island.


Here's our little boat just waiting to take us back to the mainland.


It was a gorgeous day for a trip out to the islands and we saw so much amazing wildlife!


Afterwards, we felt a little guilty about leaving our Norman dog behind on such a great adventure so we made up for it the next day with a good romp on the beach.


I think he forgave us.


Stay tuned for the underwater camera photos (after we take them to a pharmacy to be developed like it's 1995.) Next up on the road trip is San Diego with a couple of side trips!


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