Friday, November 20, 2015

A Pair of Pink Sparkle Purses

Say that ten times fast.

Recently I've had trouble finding bags that are exactly, precisely what I want (I'm picky.)  But I have a sewing machine and infinite amounts of time, so I figured the answer was probably to just make my own travel bags, purses, and messenger bags.  I'm working up to messenger bags, but I recently made a few purses that I'm pretty proud of!

The first one I made has an exterior of light pink sparkles.  Because sparkles.


You can't use pins with vinyl, so until I get a fancy set of clips for this sort of project, this hodge-podge bunch will have to do.


It has my little label inside.



It's just a simple little bag, but I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out.

As if one pink sparkle clutch wasn't enough, I figured I probably needed another. You know. For different purposes. I started from this pattern. But I altered and redrew all of the pattern pieces because I saw some flaws in their final product that I wanted to avoid. Here are a few of the pieces.


Here's the finished bag!


With the label, obviously.


Here's one fancy pin on the front.


And here's the one I think I like better.


One cannot ever have enough pink sparkle clutches. Maybe I could use a few more.


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