Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Farewell, Schlitterbahn, My Love

There was no way we could leave Texas without taking one last pilgrimage to Schlitterbahn! We each had one last chance to do our very favorite things. I floated listlessly around the lazy river.

7.2.2013 008

Eddy charged manfully across this suspended rope thingy (which may or may not be for babies).

7.2.2013 012

7.2.2013 014

7.2.2013 020

Aaand, let's face it. We probably needed at least one more trip to Buc-ee's.

7.2.2013 002

7.2.2013 003

Sometime when we are hanging out having beers, ask Eddy about these hats. He has a strange fascination with them.


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