Friday, October 12, 2012

Demolition Derby

So yeah, our kitchen is real disheveled these days.


10.11.2012 032


10.11.2012 056

10.11.2012 067

Like eating dinner out every night disheveled.

10.11.2012 045

10.11.2012 041

Also, the madness is not isolated to the kitchen.

10.11.2012 043

10.11.2012 030

10.11.2012 028

10.11.2012 027

If you have ever wondered how awesome it would be to have us over for dinner, now would be a great time to explore that idea.  We promise to return the favor once our kitchen is fully functional again.


  1. Wow! What are you guys planning to do?!?

  2. We got rid of that wall that divided the kitchen and the living room and they are making us a bar there. Also, our pantry will be about 3x as large (which is good, because it was basically the size of a shoe box before).